Our Meat



We target breeds like Hereford, Angus, Bonsmara, Simmentaler and other beef crossbreeds.

Our beef are produced locally by farmers here in Durbanville as well as all the way from the Limpopo and Vryburg in the North Westerly part of South Africa. We aim to dry age all our cattle that were sent to market directly from the grazing fields.

Some of our beef are finished on Maize and grain to get market ready. These cuts we predominantly wet age at our stores.


We have a group of hunters that harvest game in Namibia. This is mainly where our game meat comes from; ranging from Kudu, Eland, Springbok and Gemsbok.


Our pigs range freely in a plum orchard just outside Stellenbosch. This is also where we make our beer. The brewer’s malt that we generate from the brewing process are also fed to the pigs which adds a lot of flavour to the meat.


Our sheep are mainly from the Western Cape. We like to stock breeds like Dohne Marino sheep from the Swartland area as well as the Southern Cape. Sheep from the Karoo areas can also be obtained on order through us.


We get free range birds from the west coast as well as from the Worcester Karoo. Birds are fed on grass and mielies.